Adopting a Pet

The Mondak Animal Rescue views owning a pet as a privilege – not a right. Unfortunately, not all people can successfully take on the responsibilities of pet ownership. It is for this reason that the Mondak Animal Rescue has strict adoption policies and strong spay/neuter requirements. Our adoption program strives to place animals only as companion animals in kind and responsible homes where we are confident that they will receive proper care and attention throughout their lifetime. By doing this, we prevent future cruelties and actively control pet overpopulation. Our ultimate goal is to insure that fewer and fewer animals become tragic statistics in the communities that we serve.
Things To Consider Before Adopting A Pet

PLEASE take time in choosing a pet. Take into consideration the cost of food and health care, conservatively $300 per year, as well as the time you have to spend with your new companion. Consider the needs of the animal as well as your own.

PLEASE give the adoption time to work. It may take three to four weeks for your new pet to adjust to its new surroundings and to its new family. Pets are easily confused by drastic changes in their lives. Their habits have to change with each new owner. You are new to the animal and they are not sure where they are or how long they will be there.
The following conditions will apply to all adoptions:

We require that all pets be spayed or neutered.
We require that all pets have a safe and proper home environment.
We require that all pets receive proper veterinary care throughout their lifetime.
We require permission of landlords prior to placement.
We require strict adherence to laws and ordinances.
We do not release any animals for research purposes.
We do not permit the adoption of animals by minors. We do run background checks on all potential adopter’s

We reserve the right to refuse any adoption.

Cat(s): $100 (includes UTD on vaccines and spay or neuter) plus medical fee’s.
Kittens: $50 (includes age appropriate vaccines)

$150 for senior dogs-this fee includes spay/neuter and UTD vaccines
$200 all other dogs-this fee includes UTD on vaccines and spay/neuter for age appropriate animals

All of our adoptable pets will be UTD on their age appropriate vaccines.

If you would like to see the animals we have available for adoption now please visit Our Virtual Shelter page. If you would like your name put on our list for adoptions please e-mail us ( or call 701-577-PETS (7387) and leave a voice mail and we will return your call. You may also fill out an application from our website. If you have a specific kind of animal in mind just let us know and we will try to help you find it.