We moved here in October 2014 and we had to give up our fur babies to make the move. We were so devastated we decided not to get any more pets for at least a few years. Well, Mochi changed all of that! My husband works UPS and delivers to the home in which Mochi and her siblings were born in November of 2015. Over then next 8 weeks we really struggled with weather or not we should make the commitment again. The week before they were ready for their forever homes my husband delivered to Mochi’s home again and her foster mommy asked him if he was there to pick a puppy. He could see her and her siblings playing and fell in love. There was no changing his mind from there! She has been in our home for just over a year now and we love her crazy, hyper, excited personality and can’t imagine life without her! Thank you Mondak!! And especially Tamara! You will forever be in our hearts and a part of our family!