Thanks to an Animal Hero (Brit) this little sweetie and her sister (Pumpkin) were saved from the cold when Mom didn’t come back. 🙁 .

Dot is about 6-7 weeks old, short hair, she is black in color, however her tail was lost at some point so she’s known as a bob tail. This does not slow her down a bit, she is very energetic throwing caution behind her and going full force to investigate everything. She even likes bath’s! She loves to hide under the chair or couch and pounce on your feet as you go by! She is very entertaining to watch as she bounces throughout the house. She is litter box trained, eats solid food and drinks water on her own.  When she runs out of energy she likes to curl up on your lap and, usually purring herself to sleep. She gets along with all sizes of people, other cat however has not been around dogs. Fill out your application today!

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